Heavy rain in Herat province claims 10 lives

Heavy rain in Herat province, Afghanistan, has resulted in the deaths of at least 10 people, including a pregnant woman, and injured four others due to collapsing houses, according to local sources.

The affected districts, including Ubeh, Chisht Sharif, Aderskan, Rabat Sangi, and Golran, experienced floods that devastated several areas. Among the tragedies was the collapse of a local mosque’s imam’s house, where four individuals, including the pregnant woman, lost their lives.

Hamidullah, a resident of Herat, recounted the incident, “This house belonged to the imam, where five people died, including an unborn child, while one child and Mawlawi Sahib survived.”

The recent rains have also disrupted public transportation and traffic flow in the center of Herat city, flooding streets and making them impassable.

Ghulam Gaws, another local, expressed frustration at the municipal response, “We’ve approached the municipality five times about the road. Neither bicycles, cars, nor pedestrians can navigate it. The road is very damaged.”

Residents attribute the frequent flooding to inadequate drainage systems. “This alley is always blocked due to the lack of a sewage canal. Despite repeated requests to the municipality for concrete and drainage solutions, we’ve only received empty promises,” said Abdul Rasool, a Herat resident.

Additionally, districts such as Rabat Sangi, Aderskan, Pashtun Zarghun, Oba, and Injil reported significant rainfall and flooding.

In a related incident this morning, a house collapse in the Sufiabad area of Herat city resulted in six family members’ deaths and four injuries.