Pakistan deports more than 160 Afghan migrants amid ongoing crackdown

A group of Afghan migrants in border near Pakistan. November 2023. File Photo.

Pakistan deported 163 Afghan migrants on Monday as Islamabad’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants persists, according to a statement from the Taliban-run Ministry of Refugees on Tuesday. The deportees included 33 families.

This follows the deportation of more than 200 migrants on Sunday, the ministry reported.

The ministry said the migrants entered the country through the Torkham border crossing.

Currently, over a million undocumented Afghan migrants in Pakistan face the threat of expulsion, creating a severe humanitarian crisis. The situation is worsened by the harsh winter, leaving many without sufficient shelter, food, and healthcare. Families are often separated forcibly, intensifying the hardships of displacement.

The deportations occur as thousands of Afghan migrants return or are expelled from Iran each week.