Taliban’s statistics authority estimates Afghanistan’s population at 34.9 million

A view of Kabul City. FILE PHOTO

The Taliban-run National Statistics Authority has estimated Afghanistan’s population at 34.9 million, a figure that contrasts with the World Bank Data Catalog’s 2022 estimate of more than 41 million.

Halif Rafih, a spokesman for the authority, in an interview with the Taliban-run national broadcaster, stated that 51% of the population are male, while 49% are female.

Rafih mentioned that efforts are underway to develop a plan for an accurate census.

According to World Bank data from 2021, Afghanistan’s population was approximately 40.1 million. The country’s nominal GDP per capita stood at $363.67, with a life expectancy of nearly 62 years. Additionally, Afghanistan’s carbon dioxide emissions per capita were recorded at 0.22 metric tons in 2020.