Taliban probes alleged ear cutting incident involving child in Ghor

A Taliban spokesperson in Balkh on Sunday announced an investigation into an incident where a child’s ear was reportedly cut with a knife, initially attributing the act to the child’s father, who is said to be suffering from a mental disorder.

However, sources in Ghor claim that a mosque’s imam was responsible for cutting the child’s ear, a statement the Taliban has denied.

A video circulating on social media shows the child’s ear cut and bleeding, raising concerns and conflicting reports about the perpetrator.

“Some media covered the news, stating that the child’s ear was cut by the imam of the mosque with a knife. This is not true and is a blatant lie and allegation,” said Abdul Rahman Badri, a spokesperson for the Balkh security department. He emphasized, “In fact, the video released on social media by some biased media showing the ear of a child is cut, the incident in fact happened at home by the child’s father suffering from mental problems.”

The incident has elicited strong reactions across Afghanistan. Baseer Ahmad Danishyar, a human rights defender, criticized the act, highlighting its contradiction with Islamic values. “Such acts are clearly in contrast with Islam as this religion always encouraged the people and persuaded them. But some individuals, instead of being humble and showing enunciation, they act violently, which needs to be investigated,” he stated.

Reports of mistreatment of children by imams and other authorities in madrasas and mosques have frequently surfaced on social media, sparking public outrage. Yet, comprehensive steps toward improving the plight of children in educational environments remain elusive.