Afghanistan: No women in media across 19 provinces, reports organization

File Photo.

KABUL, Afghanistan — According to a recent report by the Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization, only 68 out of 248 visual media outlets remain operational in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s ascent to power in August 2021.

The organization’s findings reveal a stark absence of female media workers in 19 provinces out of 33 provinces in the country.

Furthermore, the report indicates that of the original 438 radio stations, only 211 are active; among 91 print newspapers, just 13 continue to publish. Currently, fewer than 600 female journalists are working in the country.

The report also highlights the plight of approximately a thousand media personnel who have been compelled to flee Afghanistan, describing their current circumstances as “difficult.”

Journalists and media workers face threats and imprisonment from the Taliban for minor infractions, as per the organization’s findings.

It noted a significant impact on gender representation within the media, with 95% of outlets having lost their female employees.

Those who remain face severe restrictions, including discrimination and prohibitions on broadcasting women’s voices.