Karzai urges Taliban to reopen girls’ schools for new academic year

Photo: Reuters.

KABUL, Afghanistan — On International Women’s Day, former President Hamid Karzai appealed to the Taliban to lift educational restrictions on women and girls ahead of the new academic year, advocating for measures that would foster the country’s advancement.

Karzai highlighted the significance of International Women’s Day as a celebration of women’s efforts toward peace and solidarity, as well as a recognition of their accomplishments across all life facets. He reflected on the historical contributions of Afghan women, noting their prominent roles in the nation’s development and independence efforts, underscoring their established status as vital societal members.

The former president asserted that Afghanistan’s future hinges on the collective and significant contributions of both men and women. He stressed the importance of providing education and employment opportunities for women, alongside creating a nurturing environment for girls, as essential steps toward national progress and self-reliance.