Zabul businesspeople call for industrial park to boost economy

Investors in Zabul, a southern province of Afghanistan, are voicing the need for an industrial park, citing the absence of such a facility as a significant barrier to local economic development and job creation.

The lack of an industrial park, they argue, stifles domestic production and exacerbates unemployment in the region. The concern comes despite Zabul’s strategic location along the Kabul-Kandahar-Herat highway.

Mohammad Akram, a Zabul resident, highlighted the challenges faced by local businesses. “If an industrial park is built, many youth will find job opportunities. We have some factories in Zabul, but they cannot operate effectively due to the lack of electricity and space,” he said.

Investors like Mohammad Fazl are eager for the establishment of an industrial park to facilitate more efficient operations.

Qalat City, the center of Zabul Province in southern Afghanistan.

“There are many investors who want to operate in an industrial park. They need it for effective operations,” Fazl stated.

In response, local Taliban officials have announced the initiation of construction for an industrial park. “We have started efforts to provide job opportunities for Zabul residents and find a place for investors to operate. We have specified land for it,” said Nazar Ahmad Hamzah, head of the industry and commerce department of the Taliban in Zabul.

The demand for an industrial park is underscored by the challenges in processing dried fruits, a key local product. Merchants report that the lack of such a facility has led to reduced processing capacity and spoilage of these fruits, further highlighting the critical need for infrastructure development in the province.