Taliban foreign minister claims inclusion of all ethnic groups in their administration

Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, during a visit to northern Faryab province, asserted that national unity has been achieved in Afghanistan, with all ethnic groups playing a role in their administration.

He emphasized the inclusivity of the government, saying, “In the emirate, all brothers, all relatives are present. It is the home for you and me alike… Whether from far or near, any nation or region, if we are sincere to God and our country, we are brothers. We cherish anyone who loves his religion and country.”

However, analysts and critics question the validity of Muttaqi’s claims, noting the absence of diverse ethnic representation in the Taliban cabinet. Specifically, they highlight the lack of Hazara community members at ministerial levels and the predominance of Taliban members, with no figures from outside the Taliban framework.

Omid Maisam, a political affairs analyst, argues that the Taliban government lacks ethnic inclusivity and does not represent the nation as a whole. “The current Taliban cabinet exemplifies this, leading to calls for an all-inclusive government over the past two to three years,” Maisam noted.

Women’s rights activists also point out the exclusion of women from the Taliban cabinet. Hadia Sahibzada, a women’s rights activist, remarked, “Women have been completely removed from society. We have not seen any women serving under the Taliban government.”

Kabul residents express concerns over the government’s lack of inclusivity. Laila, a local, stressed the importance of preparing all ethnic groups, including Hazaras, Uzbeks, and Pashtuns, for governmental roles, regardless of gender. Jalil, another resident, criticized the Taliban for favoring Pashtun individuals and relatives in government positions, urging for equitable representation of all ethnic groups.

The international community, along with regional and neighboring countries, has consistently called for the creation of an inclusive Afghan government—a demand repeatedly dismissed by the Taliban, who maintain their government is fully inclusive.