Third round of Antalya meeting on Afghanistan gets underway

The third round of discussions on the situation in Afghanistan, known as the Antalya meeting, commenced on Monday with over 80 experts, human rights defenders, diplomats, and journalists from within and outside Afghanistan participating.

Nasir Ahmad Andisha, the permanent ambassador of Afghanistan to the UN in Geneva, announced on X (formerly Twitter) that the session would concentrate on national dialogue and the role of civil society and democratic forces in shaping Afghanistan’s future.

Hosted by the Center for Dialogue and Progress-Geneva in Antalya, Turkey, the two-day event aimed to address the challenges facing Afghanistan, which is considered one of the world’s most fragile nations due to its economic and cultural issues.

During the meeting, panelist Professor Mohammadi remarked on the country’s fragility and the need for solutions, questioning the expectations from a constitution in such a context.

Analyst Timor Sharan provided insights into the ongoing discourse regarding Afghanistan’s predicament, categorizing viewpoints into those favoring the status quo, those advocating for power sharing, and proponents of decentralization.