Taliban permits Radio Nasim to broadcast again in Daikundi, editor remains detained

Afghanistan Journalists Center said that after a five-month suspension, the Taliban has allowed Radio Nasim to resume broadcasting in Daikundi province. However, the station’s chief editor, Sultan Ali Jawadi, is still detained by the Taliban.

In a statement issued Saturday, the organization called for the “immediate and unconditional” release of Jawadi.

Najiba Wahidi, representing the owner of Radio Naseem, confirmed the reopening of the station under the oversight of a committee appointed by the local Taliban administration. This committee includes the head of Taliban information and culture, a provincial representative, and a Taliban intelligence officer.

“We were required to nominate a new chief editor. Following the official introduction of the new editor and a commitment to abide by the Taliban’s media guidelines, the radio was granted permission to restart its operations,” Wahidi stated.

The station’s troubles began on May 5, when Taliban intelligence forces raided Radio Naseem’s offices in Nili, the provincial capital, seizing equipment and closing the station. In addition to Jawadi, journalists Saifullah Rezayi and Mojtaba Ghassimi were arrested, although they were released the same day. Charges were brought against Jawadi, leading to his ongoing imprisonment.

Jawadi was sentenced to a year in prison by a Taliban court in Nili for “propaganda against the Taliban” and “spying for foreign and infidel countries.”

Mustafa Saleh, the Taliban’s head of information and culture in Daikundi, reported that the station’s operations have resumed following directives from the Ministry of Information and Culture and the Taliban governor. The new chief editor has verbally agreed to comply with Sharia law and the Taliban’s media policy and will sign a formal agreement to this effect.

Saleh noted that Jawadi’s sentencing was a judicial matter, and the information and culture department could not intervene in his case.