WFP delivers aid to nearly 8 million in Afghanistan last month

The World Food Program (WFP) said it distributed food and cash to almost 7.9 million people in Afghanistan in the past month, aiming to bolster local communities, combat malnutrition, and improve student learning.

The organization’s Wednesday report outlined efforts to fight malnutrition and enhance education amid the challenges Afghan communities face.

A social media post on X by WFP also highlighted that over 31,000 children received nutritious meals in the past six months, and more than 13,000 pregnant and lactating mothers with severe malnutrition received urgent aid.

Despite these efforts, WFP and other international relief agencies continue to highlight budgetary constraints and the growing needs of Afghans.

Updates from WFP depict Afghanistan’s acute hunger crisis, with more than half of its over 43 million population reducing food intake.

WFP’s findings show that daily, at least 16 million Afghans face food insecurity, underscoring the crisis’s severity.