Displaced in Badghis struggle with lack of basic services

In Badghis province, displaced people are voicing concerns over inadequate access to essential health and education services. Many shared their struggles, underscoring that their needs remain unaddressed.

Sima, displaced from Herat to Badghis, shared her dire situation, revealing she had to sell one of her children to cope with economic hardships. Despite moving from Herat to Badghis, her struggles with poverty continue. “I was forced and had nothing to eat. My children were hungry. So, I will exchange my child for money to alleviate our problems,” she said. She hopes the money will cover health expenses and other needs for 40 days.

Others, like Abdul Rahman, lament the absence of schools and basic healthcare facilities. “There is no school or seminary. There are no facilities, neither the ground is paved for it. I live with only one cloth here,” he said.

The displaced also face a scarcity of employment opportunities, with even labor works declining in the past two years. Abdul Jabar, a displaced person, said, “It has been one year since I came here. There is no work. I get to work once every 10 to 15 days. Our children are hungry and thirsty, but there is nothing to eat.”

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimates that around 6.3 million displaced people are in Afghanistan, both within and outside the country.