UNAMA condemns death penalty as Taliban executes two in Ghazni

The stadium where the Taliban executed two people on Feb. 21, 2024. Ghazni City, Afghanistan.

Hours after the Taliban executed two individuals on murder charges in Ghazni province, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) reaffirmed the United Nations’ strong opposition to the death penalty.

“The UN is strongly opposed to the death penalty as it contradicts the fundamental right to life,” UNAMA stated.

UNAMA called for the Taliban to immediately impose a moratorium on the death penalty, viewing it as a step towards abolition.

According to the Taliban Supreme Court, one of the executed individuals was accused of murder in Maidan Wardak province and the other in Ghazni province. The decision for the executions was rendered by Ghazni’s three-tiered court system.

Sources reported that each accused was executed with five shots at Ali Lala Stadium in Ghazni City, in the presence of several local Taliban officials.

This incident represents the Taliban’s second public execution in almost two years, the first being in Farah province in December 2022.