Russia labels UN meeting on Afghanistan a ‘failure’

MOSCOW – Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova described the UN’s recent two-day special envoys meeting on Afghanistan as a “failure” due to the Taliban’s absence.

Zakharova emphasized on Tuesday that any new initiative or format, including the proposed UN special envoy for Afghanistan, is likely to fail without the support of the Taliban and regional nations.

Zakharova revealed that no decision was reached on the UN’s plans to appoint a special envoy and establish a small contact group for Afghanistan. She criticized the agenda for lacking proper elaboration.

During a quarterly meeting involving Russia, China, Iran, and Pakistan, participants blamed the US and NATO for Afghanistan’s deteriorating situation. Zakharova stated that the group agreed on the US and NATO’s primary responsibility for the current state in Afghanistan and its post-conflict reconstruction. They also called for the return of blocked assets to Kabul and the lifting of banking restrictions.

On the sidelines of the meeting in Doha, the Russian delegation engaged in multiple discussions, reaffirming solidarity in strengthening regional cooperation and emphasizing the region’s central role in global efforts concerning Afghanistan.