UN chief: Only 3% of needed funds received for Afghanistan aid

UNITED NATIONS — United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres reported that the organization has received less than 3% of the funds required to assist over half of Afghanistan’s population.

“More than half the country’s population will require aid this year, but our humanitarian response plan has received less than 3% of the funds needed,” Guterres said. on X on Tuesday.

While acknowledging Afghanistan’s progress in security, corruption reduction, and a poppy cultivation ban, Guterres emphasized the need for further action. “The global community must continue to prioritize the needs and rights of all Afghans,” he said.

Guterres highlighted the dire situation many Afghans face, with widespread poverty and limited access to education, healthcare, and employment. He strongly criticized the bans on girls’ education and women’s employment, calling for their reversal.

“Women and girls must be able to participate fully and meaningfully in all aspects of Afghan life, from classrooms to decision-making tables,” Guterres asserted.

He concluded by discussing the vision of a peaceful Afghanistan, integrated into the international community and respecting human rights, as outlined in recent talks in Doha.