Avalanche in Panjshir, Afghanistan, kills at least eight

PANJSHIR, Afghanistan — An avalanche triggered by heavy snowfall in Panjshir province in central Afghanistan killed at least eight people and injured others, local sources reported.

The Department of Information and Culture of the Taliban confirmed that two people died and another was injured in the Hese Awal district of Panjshir due to the avalanche. However, local sources stated that five additional deaths occurred in Sefid Char village in the same district.

In a separate incident, the department reported three fatalities due to an avalanche in Panjshir’s Khinj district.

These events coincided with a landslide in Nuristan province, eastern Afghanistan, on Monday, which claimed at least 22 lives.

Heavy snowfall was witnessed across several provinces, including the capital, Kabul, on Monday, Feb. 19. Taliban officials noted that the snowfall had blocked key routes, such as the road from Bamiyan to Daikundi province in central Afghanistan, and the Salang Pass, a vital link between the northern provinces and Kabul.