UN’s Doha meeting on Afghanistan enters critical final day

DOHA – The United Nations-hosted meeting with special representatives entered its final day in Doha, focusing on the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan and a political roadmap for the country.

Sources close to the meeting indicated that the anticipated appointment of a UN special representative for Afghanistan will not occur during this session. Instead, this appointment is expected at a United Nations Security Council meeting slated for the end of February.

The UN confirmed that its Secretary-General will address the meeting at 3:00 pm Doha time.

The critical two-day assembly, aimed at addressing Afghanistan’s crisis, commenced on Sunday. It included a dinner meeting among the special representatives on the first day.

The second day (Monday) promises a denser schedule, starting with a 9:00 am session among the country representatives, followed by three working sessions. Post the Secretary-General’s speech, discussions with Afghan civil society representatives are planned.

Although a meeting between the special country representatives and the Taliban was scheduled for 5:30 PM, it has been removed from the agenda due to the Taliban’s absence.