Activists Union demands U.N. action on Afghanistan post-Doha meeting

CALGARY, Canada – In a protest on Sunday, members of the Activists Union in Calgary issued a statement commending the United Nations’ initiatives in Afghanistan. They urged the organization to adopt a meticulous approach in selecting its new special envoy for Afghanistan.

The group emphasized adherence to international standards and Afghan aspirations.

The activists said that recent remarks by Un special coordinator Feridun Sinirlioglu in talks with a Taliban official in Kabul have raised concerns. The group urged the U.N. to maintain neutrality and reconsider its policies towards the Taliban.

The statement highlighted the Taliban’s “continued violation of human rights”, urging the global community “to recognize the group as a terrorist entity” and dismantle its operations.

The Activists Union called on the U.S. to safeguard Afghanistan’s frozen central bank reserves until a legitimate government is established, and to halt financial aid to the Taliban.

The group warned against decisions that ignore the collective will of the Afghan people, stating such actions could exacerbate the conflict and suffering.

The statement urged the international community to impose more sanctions on the Taliban for their actions against women and girls, suggesting that “gender apartheid” be recognized as a crime against humanity.

The Activists Union emphasized that the U.N.’s responsibility extends beyond temporary resolutions, advocating for a thorough investigation into the root causes of Afghanistan’s crisis.