UN rapporteur hopes Doha meeting spurs meaningful dialogue on human rights

UNITED NATIONS – UN Special Rapporteur Richard Bennett expressed hope on Sunday that the Doha meeting, although he is not participating, will catalyze meaningful and inclusive discussions among key stakeholders, with a focus on human rights, especially women’s rights, in Afghanistan.

Bennett emphasized the importance of prioritizing human rights issues as central to the path forward for Afghanistan, underscoring the need for these rights to be at the core of any discussions held at the Doha meeting.

“I’m not a participant at 2nd meeting of Special Envoys in Doha but I hope it leads to a series of meaningful and inclusive meetings among key stakeholders that always prioritize discussions about human rights, particularly women’s rights, as core to the way forward Afghanistan,” he said.

Special representatives from various countries commenced closed-door consultations on Afghanistan on the first day of the Doha meeting.

The primary focus of these discussions is to establish a general consensus between regional countries and Western nations regarding Afghanistan.

Following this, the representatives aim to develop a political roadmap for the country’s future. These are the key areas of deliberation for the special representatives gathered in Doha.