Afghanistan remains on dangerous trajectory, diplomatic council says

The Coordination Council of Diplomatic and Consular Missions of Afghanistan has reported that international efforts to address the country’s “social, political, economic, and humanitarian challenges” remain ineffective, with Afghanistan continuing on a dangerous trajectory.

The council warned of an escalating crisis and potential regional implications due to the country’s “degree of instability.” This statement came on the eve of a two-day UN meeting on Afghanistan in Doha, scheduled to begin today.

Emphasizing the need for a “renewed approach,” long sought by the Afghan people, the council’s statement highlighted the contradictions between the current unilateral rule, systematic human rights abuses, particularly against women and girls, and the shared values and objectives of both the Afghan people and the international community.

The statement criticized the lack of focus on initiating a results-driven political process involving national dialogue within Afghanistan in international efforts. It expressed optimism about the appointment of a UN special envoy for Afghanistan at the Doha meeting, anticipating a more effective international strategy for peace and stability in the region.

According to the council, the strategy expected to emerge from the Doha meeting should specifically aim to end all human rights violations, including gender apartheid and the systematic abuse of women and girls’ rights in Afghanistan.

The council also declared its readiness to collaborate with the UN and international stakeholders towards an inclusive and representative Afghanistan.