Israel suspected in Iran gas pipeline attacks, reports New York Times

The New York Times, citing two Western sources and one Iranian source, reported that Israel is believed to be behind recent attacks on two gas pipelines in Iran.

The attacks disrupted gas distribution to government buildings, residential areas, and major factories across five Iranian provinces. Western officials described the attacks as “sophisticated and precise,” suggesting they required extensive knowledge of Iran’s infrastructure and likely involved coordination with internal actors.

The explosions occurred last Thursday and Friday in two gas pipelines in the Fars and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari provinces, as well as a chemical factory near Tehran. The New York Times report also indicated that Friday’s explosion at a chemical factory in Quds, western Tehran, was orchestrated by Israel, according to two Western sources.

Iranian media, quoting Oil Minister Javad Owji, reported that the explosions occurred in the national gas transmission pipeline network at three locations in Fars province.

As of now, Israel has not issued any comment regarding these allegations.