Women’s handmade product exhibition opens in Herat

HERAT, Afghanistan — A three-day exhibition featuring the work of 48 female entrepreneurs opened in Herat on Tuesday. The event, showcasing 30 stalls of handmade products, aims to garner support from aid organizations for these women.

Rozita Mohammadi, one of the organizers, mentioned that girls who were deprived of schooling attended the exhibition to display their products.

“The exhibition helps female entrepreneurs sell their products,” she said.

The participants view the event as a reflection of women’s need to contribute to all societal aspects. Shukrana Saadi, a female entrepreneur, expressed her enthusiasm for the exhibition. “It provides us an opportunity to display our products, especially since women face challenges in office work,” she said.

Adela Muradi, another participant, expressed hope for women to be allowed to work in offices in the future.

Following the Taliban’s ban on girls attending schools above sixth grade and universities, many female students turned to crafts to cope with psychological pressures at home. Enaz Akramzada, a student and exhibition participant, sought support from relevant organizations. “With a proper workspace, my products could sell much more,” she said.

Sosan Latifi, another participant, hoped for more facilities to enhance her business. “Our products would grow with investment and machinery,” she stated.

Visitors to the exhibition also encouraged the use of domestic products to support the national industry. “It’s an honor for Herat’s women to produce such diverse handmade items,” said visitor Romita Karimi.

The exhibition features handweaving products, miniature arts, carpets, and mosaics. In response to the Taliban’s work restrictions, many female entrepreneurs have shifted to online business.