US not deeking to ‘normalize’ Taliban, White House spokesman says

The U.S. is not making efforts to normalize or recognize the Taliban, White House spokesman John Kirb stated, emphasizing that the Taliban must fulfill its commitments for legitimacy.

Kirby, responding to whether the U.S. views the upcoming Doha summit on Afghanistan as a move to legitimize the Taliban, said the group must honor its promises to be seen as legitimate rulers. “They haven’t done that,” Kirby noted, reiterating unchanged U.S. policy toward the Taliban.

The United Nations-hosted summit, focusing on Afghanistan, is scheduled for Feb. 18-19 in Doha.

Taliban Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs Abdul Kabir claimed the summit aims to facilitate Taliban engagement globally. UN sources informed Amu that discussions will include appointing a UN special envoy for Afghanistan.

Although invited, the Taliban’s participation in the summit remains unconfirmed. At least six Afghan delegates, including four women, are expected to attend.

Women’s rights activists have expressed concerns about the plight of Afghan girls and women. Activist Tahira Ahmadi accused the Taliban of systematically oppressing women over the past three years, including detentions and exclusion from society.

In preparation for the UN summit, Kyrgyzstan hosted an EU-Central Asia Summit on Afghanistan on Tuesday. EU Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Special Representative for Central Asia Terhi Hakala attended, with the EU in Kyrgyzstan announcing planned meetings with Kyrgyz officials and civil society.

Additionally, the Taliban held the “Afghanistan Regional Initiative Cooperation” summit in January, attended by regional diplomatic representatives.