Kabul residents urge action against ‘rising’ unregistered vehicles

KABUL, Afghanistan — Kabul residents are raising concerns about the growing number of unregistered vehicles in the capital, calling on authorities to address the issue.

They said that such vehicles could be involved in criminal activities without accountability.

“The unregistered-plate cars have increased. If one hits a person, who will be responsible?” said Zafar, a Kabul resident.

Despite lacking license plates, these vehicles are frequently seen around the city. There’s also concern about the growing presence of vehicles with provincial license plates.

Shadab, a Kabul taxi driver, explained the impact on local business: “Many from the countryside come to work here, as it’s difficult to earn in Kabul. I can barely make 500 Afghanis from dawn to dusk.”

Ramin, another resident, noted that the influx of vehicles from other provinces is contributing to traffic congestion in Kabul.

The city’s residents are also troubled by heavy traffic jams and a shortage of parking spaces. “There’s no parking lot, leading to traffic jams as people park in various spots,” said Abdul Rahman, a Kabul local.

Abdul, another resident, added, “The traffic jams have worsened. A journey that once took 10 minutes now takes at least an hour.”

The Taliban did not respond to inquiries about the issue. However, the Taliban’s General Directorate of Traffic estimates that over 1 million vehicles move through Kabul daily.