Women arrested by Taliban reportedly committed self-harm, envoy says

US special envoy Rina Amiri. File Photo.

The US special envoy for Afghan human rights and women, Rina Amiri, expressed grave concerns over the Taliban’s arrest of Afghan women and girls. She called for accountability and an end to the “relentless repression and abuse” they face.

Amiri, in a statement on X (formerly known as Twitter), reported that hundreds have been detained, suffering abuse and harsh fines. She noted that some women and girls, detained overnight, resorted to self-harm and suicide out of fear of dishonor.

The Taliban’s intensified crackdowns, particularly regarding “bad hijab”, have led to numerous detentions. Amiri commended the bravery of Afghans speaking out against these measures, highlighting the dire impact on women, girls, and their families.

Since the Taliban’s ascension to power, severe restrictions have been imposed on women and girls, including a ban on schooling beyond the sixth grade and exclusion from university education.

Despite international criticism, including from the Muslim world, Taliban officials continue to justify these policies as aligned with Islamic sharia.