Biden blames Trump for bipartisan immigration bill collapse

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden on Tuesday accused former President Donald Trump of undermining a bipartisan immigration bill, vowing to publicize Trump’s role in its potential failure.

“The bill’s progress to the Senate floor is unlikely, mainly due to Donald Trump,” Biden said, attributing the bill’s faltering to Trump’s political interests.

With immigration a key issue in this year’s elections, Trump, eyeing a November rematch with Biden, has urged Republicans to reject the recently revealed bipartisan border security deal. Trump’s spokesperson hasn’t responded to comment requests.

Biden’s tenure has seen record illegal U.S.-Mexico border crossings, sparking Republican calls to reinstate Trump’s strict policies. December saw an average of over 9,500 daily border encounters, though recent numbers have declined.

Biden aims to persuade voters that Trump’s obstruction of the bipartisan effort is to blame. “I’m bringing this issue to the public, emphasizing Trump and MAGA Republicans’ refusal to support border security and other initiatives,” Biden stated at the White House.

The $118 billion bill, also supporting Israel and Ukraine, faces dwindling support in Congress. House Republicans deem it dead, and over 20 GOP senators find it insufficiently stringent. Some Democrats also resist, citing harsh migrant treatment.

Biden criticized Republicans for yielding to Trump’s pressure but didn’t address Democratic dissent. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also condemned Trump’s opposition to the border deal, accusing him of preferring border chaos for political gain.