Activists urge UN to focus on women’s rights in Afghanistan at Doha meeting

A women’s movement in Afghanistan. File photo.

The Afghan Women’s Political Participation Network, a women’s activist group, urged the United Nations on Tuesday to focus more on the challenges and restrictions women face in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s policies on women’s and human rights during the upcoming Doha meeting.

The meeting of special envoys for Afghanistan is scheduled for Feb. 18-19 in Doha.

The group’s statement emphasized the need for “increased political pressure on the Taliban to end the violation of women’s rights and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.”

They argued that the outcome and objective of such meetings should be “the removal of the Taliban regime and the establishment of a democratic and elected government in Afghanistan,” to promote gender equality.

According to the group, the international community should revise its policy towards the Taliban and halt “economic and financial support to the group.”