Japan donates $13.5 million to aid Afghanistan

Photo: WFP

The World Food Programme (WFP) has announced a $13.5 million contribution from Japan to aid Afghanistan. This funding will support the WFP’s efforts to provide food assistance and emergency nutrition to those facing food insecurity in the country.

The aid package is also set to enhance learning conditions for schoolchildren and sustain the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service’s (UNHAS) aviation services.

The WFP plans to assist approximately 630,000 people with food aid and provide treatment for over 42,000 pregnant and lactating mothers and malnourished children.

In addition, the program will benefit around 36,000 elementary school students by providing enriched biscuits as daily snacks to promote better health and learning.

Takayoshi Kuromaya, the Japanese ambassador to Afghanistan, has reiterated Japan’s commitment to supporting the Afghan people, focusing especially on elementary school students, to invest in the country’s future.