UK issues travel warning for Afghanistan, cites security risks

The UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has warned against all travel to Afghanistan, citing escalating security threats and volatile conditions.

In a statement on Saturday, the FCDO highlighted the significant danger of terrorism, particularly around religious sites and events, including Ramadan.

The advisory emphasized the volatility of the security situation throughout the country, especially near airports, and noted the extreme danger of traveling in Afghanistan.

The FCDO also warned of a significant risk of detention for British nationals, with challenges in securing consular contact or access. “Detention could be prolonged without clarity on charges, and communication with next of kin may be challenging,” the department cautioned.

British nationals residing in Afghanistan are strongly advised against travel, as conditions could worsen rapidly.

The FCDO urged those choosing to remain in or travel to Afghanistan to maintain a low profile, stay vigilant, avoid crowds and public events, and implement robust security measures.