China views Taliban ambassador acceptance as standard diplomatic practice

China’s Foreign Ministry, represented by spokesman Wang Wenbin, described the acceptance of the Taliban ambassador as a routine diplomatic procedure on Wednesday.

This statement follows the Taliban’s announcement that China’s president has accepted the credentials of their ambassador, Bilal Karimi.

Wang emphasized, “Receiving the Afghan interim government’s ambassador and his credentials is a normal diplomatic arrangement for China.” He expressed hope for increased global engagement with Afghanistan’s interim government, urging support for the country’s reconstruction and development.

At a Tuesday press briefing, U.S. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller addressed China’s stance on recognizing the Taliban. He expressed the need for clarity, noting mixed messages from China regarding its official position on the Taliban.

“The only reason I’m not commenting specifically is due to conflicting statements from the Chinese Government about their recognition of the Taliban. I’m seeking clear understanding of China’s actions before making any formal assessment,” Miller stated.