Will not cooperate with potential UN special envoy: Taliban spokesman

KABUL, Afghanistan — Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid, in a chat with Amu, stated that their administration “will not cooperate with the United Nations special representative for Afghanistan if appointed.”

Mujahid argued that such a representative is unnecessary for Afghanistan, claiming it is meant for countries “in crisis and at war.”

He also referenced the upcoming Doha meeting, describing it as an effort to “revive the burnt beads.”

Amir Khan Muttaqi, the Taliban’s acting foreign minister, made similar remarks at a Kabul meeting on Monday, Jan. 29, asserting in the presence of the UNAMA representative that Afghanistan “does not need a special representative of the United Nations.”

Last month, the Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs labeled the appointment of a UN special representative as an “unnecessary action.”

Concurrently, United Nations Security Council Resolution 2771 mandated the Secretary-General to appoint a special representative for Afghanistan.

The Doha meeting, set for February 18 under the leadership of the UN Secretary-General, will discuss the appointment of the UN Special Representative for Afghanistan.

Sources told Amu that the United Nations has invited Muttaqi to attend this meeting. However, Mujahid indicated that no decision has been made regarding Muttaqi’s participation.