South Asia

Pakistan, Iran foreign ministers pledge cooperation against ‘terrorism’, strengthen ties

Pakistan’s Caretaker Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani and his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir Abdullahian, reaffirmed their commitment to strong bilateral relations and joint cooperation against terrorism in a joint press conference on Monday.

The ministers highlighted the historical, cultural, and fraternal ties between Iran and Pakistan, emphasizing the need for collaboration in various areas to enhance mutual prosperity.

Minister Jilani stressed the importance of joint efforts against terrorism, a common threat to both nations’ stability and security. He emphasized the significance of respecting national sovereignty and creating economic opportunities along the borders.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Abdullahian mirrored these views, underscoring the deep fraternal ties between the people of Iran and Pakistan. He stated that Pakistan’s security is a high priority for Iran and that both countries are determined to prevent terrorist activities.

The ministers discussed strategies to combat terrorism, focusing on enhancing border security and addressing the challenges posed by terrorist activities.

Jilani highlighted the commitment to resolving political and security issues and enhancing economic cooperation. The ministers deliberated on establishing trade centers along the border to boost economic opportunities and strengthen bilateral trade.

The diplomats reaffirmed the depth of Pakistan-Iran diplomatic relations, expressing optimism for the future. Minister Abdullahian concluded by stating that both nations maintain constructive and robust relations, pledging cooperation to ensure border security and prevent destabilization by terrorists.

The joint press conference ended with a positive outlook, as Pakistan and Iran committed to advancing cooperation and maintaining strong ties for regional development and security.