Nasser Hospital buckles as injured, homeless Gazans pour in seeking help

Nasser Hospital in Gaza’s embattled Khan Younis was flooded with injured people and those seeking refuge on Friday after Israeli tanks battered the area around the facility, the World Health Organization (WHO) said, releasing video footage of the chaos.

Crowds were seen at the entrance of the hospital as health workers frantically attended patients lying on blood-stained floors strewn medical waste.

“We are not trying to treat them as we were doing before, we are just trying to keep them alive,” said a doctor, Muhammad Harara.

He said the hospital was facing a shortage of medical equipment, painkillers, as well as cleaners, forcing clinical staff to take on cleaning responsibilities.

The WHO said 350 patients and 5,000 displaced people were seeking shelter at the hospital. Palestinian medics have said Israeli tanks were also shelling targets around the city’s other main still-functioning hospital, Al-Amal, creating a similar situation.