US welcomes Turkey’s ratification of Sweden’s NATO membership, awaiting further steps – State Department

WASHINGTON – The US State Department expressed its support on Wednesday for Turkey’s parliamentary ratification of Sweden’s NATO membership. However, officials noted the process is not yet complete, emphasizing the anticipation of Turkey’s formal ratification instrument and Hungary’s progression in the process.

Deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel, during a briefing, highlighted the Biden administration’s endorsement of modernizing Turkey’s F-16 fleet.

He acknowledged the significant role of the US Congress in arms sales decisions.

“The Biden administration, including President Biden and Secretary [Antony] Blinken, has consistently advocated for the upgrade of Turkey’s F-16 fleet, which we believe is crucial for enhancing NATO’s interoperability,” Patel stated. “Nonetheless, the role of Congress in scrutinizing arms sales is paramount. As for proposed defense sales or transfers, we cannot confirm or discuss specifics until they are officially communicated to Congress.”