US envoy: Taliban policies deprive 2.5 million Afghan girls of education

On World Education Day, Rina Amiri, the US Special Representative for Afghan Women’s Affairs, highlighted that 2.5 million Afghan girls have been denied education due to Taliban restrictions.

In a Wednesday social media post, Amiri criticized the Taliban regime for restricting girls’ education access over the past two years, resulting in the loss of their dreams.

She urged the global community to support Afghan women and girls amid this crisis.

Simultaneously, Amnesty International launched a campaign on January 24, World Education Day, to promote girls’ education in Afghanistan. The organization revealed that Afghan girls are voicing their despair and hope as their right to education is curtailed by the Taliban.

Amnesty International’s online petition calls for global support to ensure Afghan girls’ educational rights.

Marking the International Day of Education, Roza Otunbayeva, head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), emphasized the necessity of education for Afghanistan’s prosperity and peace.

Otunbayeva stressed the crucial role of education, stating it goes beyond a basic right to being the foundation of the nation’s future. She reminded of Afghanistan’s historical contributions of poets, architects, scientists, and even astronauts, and how education is vital for addressing current challenges, including economic development and climate change impact.