Pakistan’s army chief: Protecting one Pakistani outweighs entire Afghanistan

In a statement reflecting Pakistan’s foreign policy stance, Army Chief Gen. Asim Munir declared the life of a single Pakistani more important than the entirety of Afghanistan, according to Pakistani media.

Munir, during a nearly three-hour session with students from national universities Wednesday, reportedly said, “When it comes to the safety and security of every single Pakistani, the whole of Afghanistan can be damned.”

He noted that Pakistan had provided sustenance for five million Afghan nationals over 50 years. However, he emphasized, “When it comes to our children, we will pursue those who attack them.”

Munir accused Afghanistan of long supporting the insurgency in Balochistan and failing to demonstrate friendship toward Pakistan. He reminded attendees that Afghanistan was the sole opponent of Pakistan’s admission to the United Nations following its independence.

“Our people do not read history,” he lamented, adding a stern warning to Afghanistan’s rulers: “Do not look towards Pakistan. We are ready to sacrifice anything and everything.”

The remarks come amid Islamabad’s refusal to negotiate with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), believed to be operating from Afghanistan. The Taliban has denied these claims.