Amnesty International initiates campaign for girls’ education in Afghanistan on International Day of Education

Photo: Reuters. File photo.

In observance of the International Day of Education on January 24th, Amnesty International launched a campaign advocating for girls’ education in Afghanistan.

The organization highlighted the poignant stories of Afghan girls who, despite their aspirations and hopes, face ongoing violations of their fundamental human right to education by the Taliban.

Amnesty International has set up an online petition to bolster support for girls’ education and is urging education advocates and global supporters to sign this petition, aiming to intensify the campaign for the protection of girls’ education.

The observance of World Education Day comes at a time when Afghan girls are enduring a second consecutive year of being denied their most basic rights, including access to education. This situation profoundly impacts women and girls in Afghanistan.

A United Nations report reveals that over two million girls in Afghanistan are currently barred from secondary and higher education.