NATO signs €1.1 billion contract for 155mm artillery ammunition

NATO announced on Tuesday that it has signed a contract worth €1.1 billion for 155mm artillery ammunition, part of which will be supplied to Ukraine amid concerns over a shortage impacting its military efforts.

The deal, brokered on behalf of several NATO allies, aims to provide the ammunition either directly to Ukraine or to replenish depleted stockpiles of the member countries. The bulk purchase is intended to secure more favorable pricing.

According to a NATO official who spoke with Reuters, the contract is expected to cover approximately 220,000 rounds of artillery ammunition, with the initial deliveries slated for the end of 2025.

The ammunition will be sourced from French arms manufacturer Nexter and Germany’s Junghans, as indicated by an industry source. This strategic move reflects NATO’s ongoing support and logistical planning in response to the military needs of its allies and partners.