Torkham border crossing reopens after 10-day closure

The Torkham border crossing in Nangarhar province, east of Afghanistan.

The Torkham border crossing, a critical transit route between Afghanistan and Pakistan, reopened on Tuesday following a 10-day shutdown due to visa issues for drivers.

Abdul Basir Zabali, spokesperson for the Taliban police command in Nangarhar, confirmed the reopening, citing successful discussions between Taliban and Pakistani officials.

The closure, initially instigated over disputes regarding Pakistan’s visa requirements for Afghan drivers, led to Pakistan shutting down other commercial crossings with Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment reported significant economic impacts due to the closure. “In the last ten days, Afghanistan has lost at least one hundred thousand US dollars daily,” stated the chamber’s head.

Additionally, all major crossings between Afghanistan and Pakistan, including Torkham, Spin Boldak, Ghulam Khan, Angor Edeh, and Dand Petan, were closed to transit and merchants, causing further economic strain.

The prolonged closure raised concerns among drivers and traders about perishable goods, particularly fruit, spoiling while in transit. Many drivers had been waiting at the Torkham crossing for days, anticipating its reopening.