Amnesty International urges immediate release of female activist in Taliban custody

Amnesty International has demanded the “unconditional” release of Manizha Sediqi, a female protester currently held in a Taliban prison.

The organization, in a statement on Monday, highlighted that Sediqi has been denied access to legal representation, regular family visits, and necessary healthcare, leading to a deterioration in her health condition.

The statement emphasized that Sediqi, who has not been formally charged with any crime, is subjected to torture and other forms of ill-treatment.

Amnesty International also called on the Taliban to cease the punishment of protesting women.

According to the organization, Manizha Seddiqi, a women’s rights defender and protester, has been arbitrarily detained by the Taliban since October 2023.

“She has no access to lawyers, regular family visits, or healthcare support. She must be immediately and unconditionally released,” the statement added.

Since the Taliban’s return to power in August 2021, women protesting the group’s stringent policies have faced enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests, detentions, and torture, as reported by Amnesty International.