Eight years ago on this day Taliban attack in Kabul killed 7 media employees

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban’s deadly assault on MOBY Group employees in Kabul eight years ago, which claimed the lives of at least seven Tolo TV staff members, is solemnly commemorated.

On Darul Aman road, a Taliban suicide bomber targeted a Moby Group vehicle, resulting in seven fatalities and 25 injuries. Victims included Mohammad Javad Hussaini, Zainab Mirzayi, Mehri Azizi, Maryam Ebrahimi, Mohammad Hussain, Mohammad Ali Mohammadi, and Hussain Amiri.

Zabihullah Mujahid, then Taliban spokesperson, acknowledged the attack was in retaliation against Tolo TV’s reporting on the Kunduz war, which the Taliban labeled as “false.”

The Ministry of Interior of the former Afghan government reported that the suicide bomber, on a motorcycle, specifically targeted the Moby Group vehicle.

Following the Taliban’s 2015 Kunduz province invasion, media reports emerged alleging Taliban fighters of sexual assault in a city dormitory. Consequently, the Taliban declared Tolo TV and 1TV as military targets, accusing them of broadcasting misleading reports on the Kunduz conflict.