Displaced Palestinians near Gaza-Egypt border appeal for aid

Displaced Palestinians at the Gaza-Egypt border on Tuesday appealed to Arab nations for assistance, highlighting the urgent need for aid due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Ibrahim Baraikat, a displaced resident from Khan Yunis, expressed the dire need for support from Arab countries. “We desperately need our Arab brothers’ help. When the war started in Ukraine, borders were opened, and countries welcomed refugees. We hope for similar assistance, like water, electricity, and aid, from Egyptians across the border,” he said.

The appeal follows an escalation of violence after Hamas militants breached the border fence with Israel on Oct. 7, resulting in 1,200 deaths and the capture of 240 hostages. The ensuing conflict has displaced nearly all Gazans, often repeatedly, and led to a severe humanitarian crisis with shortages of food, fuel, and medical supplies.

Despite international warnings of a major humanitarian crisis, Gaza remains tightly controlled by Israel, limiting the influx of aid and essential supplies into the enclave.

In a recent development, Qatar and France have negotiated an agreement with Israel and Hamas for the delivery of urgent medication to approximately 45 Israeli hostages held in Gaza. In return, humanitarian and medical aid will be provided to the most vulnerable civilians in Gaza. The aid, set to depart from Qatar for Egypt, is scheduled to cross into Gaza through the Rafah border crossing on Wednesday.