World Economic Forum annual meeting kicks off in Davos

DAVOS, Switzerland — The World Economic Forum (WEF) commenced its annual meeting in Davos on Monday, drawing more than 2,800 representatives from over 120 countries and regions, including 60 heads of state and government.

The gathering in the Swiss resort town centers on the theme “Rebuilding Trust,” with a focus on critical global issues such as economic growth, climate change, and nature action.

Participants, ranging from government officials to business leaders, are set to engage in numerous public and private meetings and dialogues, aiming to address pressing global development challenges and find practical, innovative solutions.

This year’s forum is prioritizing four key areas: security and cooperation in a divided world, fostering growth and job creation for a new era, leveraging artificial intelligence for economic and societal benefit, and developing long-term strategies for climate, nature, and energy.

The 2024 WEF annual meeting occurs amidst sluggish and uncertain global economic conditions to enhance global cooperation and stimulate economic recovery.