Turkey detains 99 Afghan migrants in Erzincan

ERZINCAN, Turkey — Turkish authorities have detained 99 Afghan migrants in the city of Erzincan, following a broader crackdown on undocumented migrants in the country.

The detentions were made during a police operation on a truck on the Erzincan-Tercan highway, as reported by Turkish media on Saturday.

Officials stated that the migrants were detained for lacking valid Turkish residence permits. Additionally, three individuals were arrested on human trafficking charges during the operation.

Following legal procedures, the detained migrants were transferred to the Immigration Office of Erzincan.

This incident follows the recent detention of 24 Afghan migrants as they entered Turkey, signaling a continued effort by Turkish authorities to combat illegal migration.

According to official figures, over 300,000 Afghan migrants currently reside in Turkey.

The increase in Afghan migration to Turkey has been attributed to the Taliban’s return to power, leading to economic hardship, job scarcity, persecution risks, security concerns, and severe restrictions on women and girls in Afghanistan.