Torkham border crossing shut down amid visa dispute

The Torkham border crossing in Nangarhar province, east of Afghanistan.

TORKHAM, Afghanistan — The Torkham border crossing, a pivotal trade and transit point between Afghanistan and Pakistan, has been closed again, just over a month following a brief shutdown due to visa issues for drivers.

Pakistan initially closed the border on Saturday morning, requiring visas for drivers, according to Taliban officials.

Noor Muhammad Hanif, the Taliban’s head of information and culture in Nangarhar, stated that in retaliation, Afghan border officials barred entry to Pakistani drivers without visas.

The Torkham border, strategically located on the historic Grand Trunk Road, serves as a major passageway for commerce and people between the two countries. It has witnessed several closures in the past, impacting trade and cross-border relations.

The last closure of this critical crossing was in December.