Massive protest erupts in Yemen following US, UK strikes on Houthi targets

SANAA, Yemen — Large-scale protests broke out in Sanaa on Friday following overnight strikes by the United States and Britain against Houthi forces in Yemen. These strikes were in response to Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping lanes.

A NATO spokesperson stated that the operations conducted by US and British forces were defensive, aimed at ensuring the freedom of navigation in a critical global waterway.

Air Force Lieutenant-General Alex Grynkewich, overseeing US aerial operations in the Middle East, reported that a total of 60 targets across 16 locations were struck using over 100 precision-guided munitions.

The Houthis have confirmed the death of five fighters in the 73 air strikes. In response, they vowed to continue their assaults on shipping, framing these actions as support for Palestinians in their conflict with Israel.