Women’s rights activist Bibi Gul dies by suicide after Taliban custody

Bibi Gul, known for her role in anti-Taliban women’s protests under the alias Zahra Mohammadi, has died by suicide, sources in Afghanistan’s Kunduz province confirmed.

Gul, 21, a member of the Afghan Women’s Solidarity Movement, was reportedly arrested and tortured by the Taliban in late September 2021.

Following her release, she continued to experience severe distress, leading to her death.

Her troubles began after a Taliban crackdown on a Kunduz street protest, resulting in her arrest and two days of torture. Sources indicate that she took her life last Friday by jumping into a well, later dying from her injuries in a provincial hospital on Sunday.

According to reports, Gul’s family faced intense pressure from the Taliban after her detention. This factor, coupled with her own ordeal, reportedly influenced her decision to end her life.

Gul’s death occurs amid increasing Taliban actions in Afghanistan, including the recent detention of girls and women in Kabul for violating the Taliban’s hijab code.