Water shortage, poor sanitation plague Palestinians in Jabalia amid conflict

Residents of Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp are grappling with water shortages and unsanitary conditions.

Locals, including Abu Mohammed, described the dire situation where clean water is scarce, and people are forced to search for sources in the surrounding area.

Mohammed also highlighted the increasing health risks due to inadequate sanitation.

“There are many face masks discarded on the streets, insects have invaded homes and public spaces, and no one is taking care of it. This is causing sickness among children and the elderly, especially those with health problems,” he said.

The ongoing conflict has severely impacted the camp’s hygiene standards, with residents facing a worsening situation.

Israeli bombardments have devastated the densely populated enclave, leading to a humanitarian crisis. Many Gazans are now homeless, seeking shelter in overcrowded areas, with looming food shortages heightening the threat of famine.