US backs UN resolution on Afghanistan, special envoy appointment

The United States supports the United Nations resolution calling for the appointment of a special representative for Afghanistan, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said at a press briefing on Wednesday.

Miller, addressing a query on the matter, stated, “We believe a special envoy would effectively coordinate international engagement on Afghanistan to realize the goals of the resolution.”

“The resolution also sends a clear message to the Taliban, the Afghan people, and the global community. It shows the UN Security Council’s support for Afghanistan’s integration into the international community, contingent upon fulfilling its international obligations,” he added.

The UN Security Council passed the resolution on Dec. 29, 2023, focusing on enhanced engagement with Afghanistan, its Taliban leaders, and the appointment of a special representative.

The resolution aims for Afghanistan to reintegrate peacefully with the international community and adhere to international standards. It highlights the essential participation of Afghan women in this process and mandates the UN Secretary-General to update the Security Council within 60 days.

The special envoy is expected to possess expertise in human rights and gender, and their mission includes promoting dialogue between Afghans and facilitating global diplomacy with Afghanistan, including with the Taliban.

The resolution emphasizes implementing the UN assessment’s recommendations for a more structured increase in global participation. It also calls for Afghanistan to achieve peace within itself and with its neighbors, fully integrate into the international community, and meet international obligations. This includes ensuring the full, equal, meaningful, and protected involvement of Afghan women.

Following the resolution’s approval, the Taliban labeled the appointment of a UN special representative as “unnecessary.”