Taliban delegation led by Shirin Akhund in Islamabad for talks

A Taliban delegation led by Mullah Shirin Akhund, the governor of Kandahar, has arrived in Islamabad to hold talks with Pakistani authorities, according to Pakistani media reports.

The delegation, consisting of 9 to 10 members, includes officials from the Taliban’s defense and information ministries, as well as its intelligence agency.

Scheduled for bilateral discussions with Pakistani authorities tomorrow, the Afghan delegation will also participate in the Pakistan-Afghan Joint Coordination Council’s joint meeting in Islamabad. They are set to meet with Ambassador Asif Durrani, Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan.

The Taliban group, during its visit, plans to engage with various Pakistani entities, including the Foreign Office and military officials.

Sherin, a key Taliban figure with a history of military and political roles in the group, is known for his close ties to Taliban leadership.

Pakistan aims to address the use of Afghan territory by banned groups for anti-Pakistan activities and emphasize the need for action against such operations. The talks will also focus on the presence of militant safe havens in Afghanistan.

Pakistan is expected to request the extradition of Hafiz Gul Bahadur and other militants believed to be in Afghanistan, as part of efforts to combat security threats and cross-border terrorism.